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Hiring an air duct cleaning contractor, or any contractor, can be an intimidating experience and you should know what questions to ask and what to expect before hiring anyone to work in your home or business.

Your DUCTZ technician will conduct a thorough inspection to deem if an air duct cleaning is necessary. Air Duct Cleaning, as with many other services, has many variables to consider how frequently the service should be performed. Taken into consideration are some of the following:

At project start, technicians will arrive at your home with a negative air machine. This machine is a triple HEPA-filtered, contained system with a large clear hose that will hook up to the air ducts at the furnace. This contained machine filters and collects the dirt and debris so that your home does not become re-contaminated with the debris just removed. Your blower motor will then be removed and cleaned and the negative air hose attached at that stage of the furnace. The negative air machine will pull a constant negative pressure to remove dirt and debris as the technicians agitate the dirt with a round steel or nylon brush (the brush type depends on the kind of ductwork material you have). Your registers will be removed and cleaned. Agitation brushes will be put through your register holes as well as through access holes that will be cut into your trunk lines to maintain that all dirt and debris is accessed and removed.

Both supply and return ducts will be cleaned. The coil (if you have an air conditioner) will be inspected and cleaned to ensure that it is not obstructed with debris or microbial growth. If there is microbial growth in your system, then an appropriate EPA-registered anti-microbial agent will be applied to the coil and air ducts.

All access holes will then be patched and taped securely and the HVAC system will be turned back on to ensure that everything is operating properly and at peak efficiency.

A clean and restored HVAC system should operate at the efficiency level it was intended to when it was first installed.

Lastly, each homeowner, property manager or referral partner will be furnished with a PICTURE PERFECT report, a collection of before and after photos of your project. This report not only assures the customer of a job well done, but allows you to see first-hand what was removed from the ductwork.

Each DUCTZ office adheres to the strict NADCA industry standards as well as the EPA Post Consumer Checklist for Air Duct Cleaning and participates in our continuous training with new technologies and techniques in our industry.

With this consumer list and your picture report, be sure to ask your DUCTZ professional to show you exactly what they did during the project. All DUCTZ professionals expect the customer to ask questions and are equipped to answer those questions.